First on the crime scene.

By November 8, 2020 No Comments

Being the owner of an electric fencing company based in the Southern Suburbs of Cape Town, I am often one of the first people on the crime scene . With the nation recovering from the grip of a hard lock down due to the Covid 19 pandemic,  unemployment is rife and crime is definitely on the rise. So much so that most clients I meet these days have just fallen victim to a home invasion in some form or other.  Some clients pointing to the spot where their Webber gas braai or bicycle once stood , others painting a much more sinister picture , describing the traumatic ordeal that transpired the night before.
” This is where they got in ” and “This is where we were tied up! “. 
After experiencing a home invasion or burglary, apart from the financial loss our clients suffer , the common loss that they all suffer is their sense of safety and security that they used to feel at home. 

This is where electric fencing really comes to the forefront.  Not only does electric fencing offer an actual barrier making it harder to climb over a boundary wall, it also offers the added security protection of an electric shock to ward of unwanted intruders.

To take it one step further, clients are often shocked to hear that electric fencing is also alarmed . Should a burglar attempt to tamper with the fence , the alarm siren is triggered and the siren sounds , alerting the client that there is an attempted security breach.

The next question clients ask is,  ” What would happen if someone was to throw a blanket over the electric fence?”
Should any two lines make contact, be cut or even if a line was to make contact with the wall itself, this will trigger the powerfull siren alerting the home owner and hopefully discharge a nasty shock to the burglar, even through the blanket!
As an added fail-safe,  our energisers are fitted with back up batteries that keep you protected , even through load shedding. 

The energiser can also be linked to your existing home alarm . This means that should you have an armed response or monitoring contract with a local armed response company such as Fidelity ADT or the like , they will be notified the moment an attempted burglary takes place.

Electric fencing truly is a life saver and makes for the ideal add-on security for these unfortunate clients, restoring peace of mind to victims of break ins , burglaries and home invasions.

Director of EFI Electric Fence installers.