Security Electric Fencing Tips.

By October 15, 2021 No Comments

So you’ve just installed an electric fence system around your property to protect from intruders, burglary or vandals.

What do you need to do in terms of maintenance? Here is a list of tips for maintaining your electric fence.

1. Keep you fence free of any plant vegetation as they may cause false alarms.
Trees should be trimmed away from the electric fencing by at least 20cm .

2. Replace your battery and have your electric fence inspected annually.
The battery in you electric fence energiser has a 2 to 3 year life span.

3. Test your fence often.
How do you test your electric fence?
A simple way to test your electric fence is to simulate a fault using a wooden broomstick . Using a wooden broomstick,  pull the top wire down just enough to make contact with the second wire.  The alarm should sound after two seconds. Witnessing your electric fence system in action is reassuring and provides peace of mind that your electric fence is in good order.

3. Inspect your electric fence weekly.
Often clients call and report that their electric fence has started  making a clicking sound. More often than not , upon inspection we find that a ghekko or chameleon has unfortunately electrocuted themselves and their tiny bodies are stuck between the line and the fence bracket causing a clicking sound  as electricity pulses through the fence . Use a wooden  broomstick to safely remove the carcass from the line .

4. Hose your fence down.
Use your hose pipe to clean your electric fence every month. Your fence lines are stainless steel and made to withstand the elements. Hosing down your fence with remove dust and grim build up and keeping looking fresh. 

5. When turning off your electric fence energiser , make sure to never unplug the energiser unit . Use your nemtek tag and swipe it accross the tag reader on the face of the energiser. This will deactivate the energsier unit so that you can safely handle the electric fence lines for maintenance etc